We’re back to chelating this week  and using ALA only after many rounds of DMSA/ALA. Here is what is going on:

  • My son seems calmer today than he has lately.
  • The last school meeting says he does not need speech therapy anymore because he is not lacking in social language or interactions with peers.  The therapist says he has normal social interactions now.
  • He understands humor and uses it.
  • He display empathy for other people’s experiences.
  • Chlorinated swimming pool no longer bothers him.
  • He had food infractions with no behavioral consequences.
  • I’m not seeing any issues when he missed some of his supplements.  In the past missing any of them meant regressing.

In this particular week while on our trip it’s hard to assess his behavior fairly since he was away from home in a hotel. That was an entirely new experience for him.  That meant lots of pushing buttons, opening drawers and exploring this new place.

While none of us really understood his actions with these things he later explained himself. Dad asked him why he was not behaving like he does at home. He said “at home I know the rules, but here I don’t know what the rules are. It’s so confusing!”

Once we told him to use his home rules  at the hotel he was fine.

It is hard to believe we have come far enough. We can take a 4 day trip, stay in a hotel, have food infractions and miss supplements and  he doesn’t back slide.