Living in Autism

Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B sup...

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I think most families really don’t know how very different is it to live with autism. So I thought I’d point out some of the things we live with. It’s  certainly nothing  like mom’s in generations before us.

My kitchen counter does not have a Cuisinart but rather has at least 10 bottles of supplements sitting out on any given day, along with three pill minders, measure spoons, empty capsules….

My cabinets are not full of crystal and fine dishes, but rather baskets of supplements. We have our Vitamin bin, Mineral Bin, Antiviral bin, Immune bin, powdered supplements like greens, and multi- powders bin……people make jokes at my house about “where do you put your dishes”.

When I get a pay check I don’t think “Awesome! I’m going shopping for a new pair of shoes”…it’s more like  “Yippee, I don’t have to charge this months vitamin order AGAIN!”

I am no longer embarrassed by my son hiding under a table in a restaurant. But rather I think the other people should be quieter instead of staring at us, then he would come out of there!

We don’t leave the house without vitamins in our purse and a hand fidget toy.

I don’t have butter in that little flippy door inside the fridge because its full of liquid herbs and probiotics.

Most people have condiments in their fridge door. I have ketchup and then cod oil, flax seed, transfer factor, etc.

People wonder why do we need  4 cartons of organic eggs in the fridge when they have one carton of cheap eggs? We are “omega loading”!

I have a trampoline in my house…..need I say more?

Hopping is a normal means of transportation. And flapping our arms if fun!

I know how to pack an older kid “diaper bag”

I don’t worry about hiding clutter when people come over, I worry about hiding all the vitamin bottles!

Leaving the house without first scheduling it in isn’t an option.

Tying your own shoes isn’t that important. That’s what velcro and Crocs are for!

I have TWO toasters. One for gluten and one for no gluten.

We cannot buy the other brand even if it’s on sale because its “different from our normal brand.

I have thought of making a t-shirt that says “I have Aspergers so pardon me!”

We don’t go to public family places on the weekend, it’s too noisy.

That children can’t use the furniture properly most of the time.

I don’t need GPS I have a child with a  photographic memory in my backseat!  He’s helped me navigate many times.

That cardboard boxes aren’t for stuff, it’s where you find your kid!

We must adhere to the exact speed limit at all times or we will be reprimanded by our “backseat driver”.

Parties are not fun.

Surprises are not fun.

I know more about Sci-Fi than I ever wanted too.

I know more about the human gut than I EVER wanted too!

I have a Google University degree in vitamins and herbs.

I know that children with autism are special and wonderful and that’s the most important difference!

A Real “Living in Autism” Kitchen!

© 2011 The Edge of Autism



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