I’ve once again talked myself into trying a GF diet with my son in hopes it might be the missing link to his sensory symptoms. Our last attempt he made it just THREE days before all sanity was lost. In light of him having no real reactions to eating it anyway we jumped the ship. He was extremely miserable with the complaint he was starving because he just wasn’t really eating much on a GF diet.

So once again the pressures of the autism community keep pressing me to try GF again and give it a real go this time because it’s probably part of his sensory symptoms. Being gluten-free myself for years now I have the tools to get him there but will he be willing?

He did resist the idea at first and rightfully so because he felt all “his foods” would be taken away. I explained it might help the sensory but we won’t know unless we give it a fair try so he said he’s think about it. (he’s 10 and far to smart not have him on board or it’s going to fail)

He did decide to try the gluten-free diet.

Five days on the diet:

  • no withdrawal symptoms like I was told we’d see
  • no improvements either
  • still self-limiting and not trying new foods
  • still eating the same textures and same foods as gluten-free versions


When I went off gluten I began to experience symptoms within a day or two and  benefits almost immediately. I had an increase in energy and a reduction in fatigue, brain fog. I could think so much clearer. Over the coming weeks I gained new energy, better gut function and a more normal appetite. I cleared up a chronic acne condition that never responded to anything doctors tried. I also lost 23 pounds in 2 months without doing anything other than not eating gluten.  The difference though is that eating gluten did give me symptoms and make my gut sick. (terrible brain fog, headache and gut pain. It feels like I ate glass and someone drugged me.) My son has never had symptoms.

It’s too soon to say if this will help or not since it takes up to 6 weeks to get gluten out of the body after you stop eating it.