The Gluten Experiment Results

I can’t say being gluten-free was anything for my son at all but expensive. We did not see any negative withdrawal, no positive gains, nothing at all.

The main thing that happened was that my son was going hungry a lot because he felt there were less foods he could tolerate in terms of oral sensory. He did eat while being gluten-free, but he ate gluten-free donuts, gluten-free cupcakes, smile fries, gluten-free mozzarella sticks etc. Basically exactly the same foods he ate before but in their gluten-free forms. We could not find crackers that he would eat and some other things.

I did find a bread he’d eat but I had to drive to the other side of the county to buy it.  But at that point it was worth doing so he’d eat.  Kinnikinnick White Bread.

We also began AFP Peptizyde enzymes shortly before going gluten-free. I have seen nothing from those either but we are continuing until the bottle is gone.  Can’t see wasting them. And they can’t hurt really.

Olive Garden 2012

I had noticed what I thought as a reduction in his appetite but upon further questioning he was simply just not eating because he did not like the choices. Rather than continue to let him starve himself when being off gluten was not producing any changes either way, we abandoned the diet and allowed him a gluten challenge two weeks after being off gluten.

He was delighted that he could go to Olive Garden! He ordered lasagna and he ate almost the entire piece. He commented that he had not been full after eating since he started the diet.

I waited the next few days for a reaction to eating the gluten. There was none.

While I have heard people state that you need to be off gluten for 3-6 months to know if its going to help, my experience has been that you notice something within a few days of going off it. Either negative or positive. Kids generally show withdrawal the first week or marketed improvements.

My reaction to stopping gluten was evident within 36 hours, as was my other child.

With the evidence of seeing no improvements in sensory, behavior, or anything else, and no symptoms of withdrawal I have concluded that my son does not have a gluten issue at this time.

So while he still eats picky, I do know gluten has nothing to do with that, it’s oral sensory. And his tactile sensitivity is caused or affected by gluten intolerance.

He continues to enjoy less gluten in his diet as he’s taking a liking to my GF ice cream cones but my wallet is thanking me that only one of us has to be gluten-free.

My daughter was gluten-free for 3 years. She had an accidental gluten challenge earlier this year where she ate an entire box of mac and cheese that she thought wasGF. She had bought the wrong box of Annie’s. She had no symptoms from this. She used to suffer terrible gut pain if she ate gluten. She has since been eating gluten with no adverse effects and none of her original symptoms.

So we have rested the gluten question for the kids.

**** Update: Feb. 3, 2015, it’s been admitted to me by dad and son that there was cheating going on and the child was not entirely gluten-free. This explains our lack of response. It’s imperative that a child be completely off gluten for several weeks to judge if it’s helpful or not. It can take up to 6 weeks for gluten to leave the body after ingestion. See our update when the diet was done with 100% compliance.

The Gluten Free diet cures sensory


4 thoughts on “The Gluten Experiment Results

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  2. There seems to be some confusion about our gluten experiment. I wanted to clarify that I am aware of the how the diet works, the general guidelines of how long to be on it, and the large selection of gluten free products on the market. I have been strictly gluten free for almost 4 years because I am allergic to gluten. I have also successfully rid another child of a severe gluten allergy. We have tried this diet on my son before and also got not results . So this was our final try. Many children do benefit from being off gluten and casein. However, in our case I have a child who does not have gut problems and shows no behavioral/developmental/physical issues relate to eating or not eating gluten. Not even a rash. Nothing. What I have found from talking to other people who have gone gluten free, as well as my own experience is that you should see something, anything in a week or two on this diet. It does take a longer time to clear gluten entirely from the body. But children who are allergic to it, generally show something, even negative symptoms when you take it away. We did not get that. There really are a small number of children that are not allergic to gluten. My posts are not to discourage others from trying the diet. My posts are merely our experience on The Edge of Autism.

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