The next rounds 11 through 25

Looking back at my journal, round eleven seems like a hundred years ago. My son was approaching his fourth birthday and in only 10 rounds he’d begun wearing clothing and pooping in the toilet. His mood was better and we were relishing in the improvements he was showing. My son had begun early intervention preschool so it was a trying time for us on top of managing all this new biomed stuff. Remember back then I was a new parent too. I was just learning about adrenals, yeast, chelation and so on.

We were confronting yeast head on and dealing with irritability, defiant behavior, hyperactivity and lack of focus that came off an on in relation to rounds and yeast.  We encountered frequent illness, sleep problems, and yeast rashes.

But we were getting a handle on yeast and I was learning what worked for him and that was going a long way towards making life better.  Sometimes we could even take my son out places.

My son could finally buckle his own seat belt, and was showing improvements in drawing basic shapes and using scissors. For the first time and probably the only time my son dipped his french fries into sauce.

Normally when he got his hair cut he would freak out about the pieces of hair falling down on him, but  by round 16, he liked it. He laughed and enjoyed the pieces falling on his skin. He said it was “cool and he looked like dad, all hairy”.

We did continue to see ups and down with chelation like silliness, hyperactivity or lack off focus which we determined was yeast. Yeast was hell for us. And it would continue to be until after fifty rounds of chelation where as it became a more manageable hell. Some rounds he would bang on everything and bounce off of everyone.  But my son began singing a lot and using the toilet most of the time.  Which was great, we were getting tired of buying pull ups and dealing with the scorn of well-meaning comments about “when were we going to toilet train him?” As if I had not been trying for over two years without success.

Colds were a huge problem initially for us. It seemed like my son always had a runny nose by day three of the round. Sometimes we also saw a slight elevation in his temperature, even without the runny nose. (100 degrees F or lower) Over the years I’ve learned that this happens to very few children, but ours ran a slight temperature his first few rounds.

I was giving him a lot of vitamin C, Echinacea and zinc to help his immune system. But around round twelve he got a cold that went longer than normal and by three weeks I knew we were now dealing with a sinus infection that was a cold.  I started him on olive leaf extract which helps treat bacteria and viruses.  I also gave virastop, vitamin C, Echinacea and zinc to help fend off the germ. An odd thing happened a day or so into this. My son got this rash of tiny red dots around his mouth, and he was irritable, mean irritable.  What I learned was viral die off. And unsolicited consequence of treating the sinus bacterial with olive leaf.  Once his sinus infection was better we stopped using the olive leaf and his behavior went back to himself. We would not attempt antivirals in any length/protocol until some years later. I used it occasionally for bacterial infections up to 10 days at a time in low doses.

He also got strep throat from school and was given Omicef from the doctor. This was his first ever round of antibiotics and luckily they were not penicillin based because later on he got a skin infection and had an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. This also made a yeast problem where as the first medication take a few months earlier did not. And that’s how we ended up tinkering with nystatin. The nystatin worked initially maybe for about a week, then it just didn’t.  So we went back to grapefruit seed. It didn’t take long to get his gut back in order with probiotics. My son is rare to have only had antibiotics twice in his life and the second time was for four days only. I switched to natural antibiotics to treat the skin infection after I saw the penicillin wreck his gut.  And we have since stuck with that.

It was near or slightly after round sixteen that I had to confer with Andy Cutler about the change in my son’s behavior. He became this irritable, defiant, tantruming  mess post rounds. So after discussing this on a forum with Andy,  we began adrenal support for him. That was amazing for us. It brought back the calmer, happier child we had gotten from chelation.

The gains we got were things like taking medicine without screaming like he was dying, putting his feet in the grass or sand, allowing his hair to be trimmed, improved fine motor control, wearing clothes, toilet training, better articulation and expression with words, tasting new foods, enjoying music/dancing/singing, printing his first word, willingly taking his fish oil now. He also began inventing words when on rounds like “hornbees”  (hornets) and “mudslappers” (mudflaps). He was playing with language and sounds and expanding his vocabulary rather quickly.  It was like I had this dull out of it child that was awake now. He was vibrant and creative and smiling. It was amazing as we got to know this little person that was hiding under a film of yeast and toxic metals.

This was August 2007, and 25 rounds later.


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