I still recall my early days of research trying to figure out what to do about all the mercury. This was even before I knew of my son’s toxic hair test or what we were really facing. This was just because I had all this amalgam mercury to get rid of. I had belonged to some forums for adults back then who were trying to recovery their health from amalgam poisoning.

The things and protocols I saw there were amazing and not in a good way. Most were haphazard if not down right harmful. Many made up by naturopaths or well-meaning poison victims who knew little about chemistry.

I watched many adults put themselves into a bedridden disabled state utilizing treatments like IV-DMPS and EDTA chelation. They were also going broke paying for it. They were doing Challenge Testing over and over again waiting to see metals come down. The problem with challenge testing are the high one time doses of chelators. And the problem with IV’s…same thing. One time, high dose.  You do this enough times and all you have done is move mercury all around your body and into your brain. You poison yourself over and over again.This is worse than leaving it where it is.  But it’s what mainstream medicine and some alternative practitioners know as chelation.

It’s not for wanting to help their patients that this fails but for lack of simple knowledge in chemistry.  You have to know how the chelators work.

Sulfur thiols bind metals and known thiols that do this are DMSA, DMPS, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. (EDTA does also but it has its own problems which is why it is not part of this protocol)

When a sulfur thiol substance is taken into the body it acts like a claw to grab metals and help carry them out of the body. But these substances only last so long in the body before they run out. This is “half-life”.  Now when you take a chelator this process of binding and removing metals goes on until the chelator wears off. If you don’t take anymore chelator, then the remaining metals that have been stirred up redistribute. When this happens too often, you end up with more mercury in your brain.

These people who were getting IV-DMPS, or EDTA were doing exactly that. Every time they did an IV chelation treatment. They were given a high dose and nothing else for a few weeks.

The basis of frequent low dose chelation is to reduce the redistribution so you can actually make gains in removing metals. Thereby lowering body and brain metals until you are well again. In order to do that you must reduce these redistributions to as few as you can.  You need steady pulls of metals.

The only way to do that is to keep a constant level of chelator in your blood for longer periods of time. This allows a long steady pull of metals so that your blood levels are low when you finally do stop the chelator and there is not much to redistribute.

This is why a rounds on frequent low dose protocol are done as three days or more. Anything less than 64-72 hours is too short.  You do this for 3 days/two nights then you take a break. By the end of those three days/two nights you have sufficiently lowered your blood levels.

The other consideration is the doses. I saw many of these people getting 500mgs of a chelator in an IV. Frequent low dose chelation bases the dose on your body weight since that is normally how medications are dosed. Doing this keeps side effects to a minimum.  You also take the chelators orally so you are not bypassing your gut which is the natural filter for substances.  There is a misconception out there that bypassing the gut will reduce or eliminate the appearance of yeast when you chelate but this has not shown to have any validity in practice.  Most metal toxic adults and children already have a yeast problem and it’s the result of a compromised immune system due to heavy metals.  They still get yeast no matter how they get the chelators into their body because the yeast is really a result of metals moving or immune suppression.

It is not well know to most medical practitioners that alpha lipoic acid is a chelator. It is often prescribed for diabetes without any thought as to whether or not the patient has mercury fillings or might be mercury toxic. And this explains the side effects these patients report in using it.  You cannot take it randomly in random doses or with metal fillings in your mouth.

I’ve also see problems with DAN Protocol chelation. This is because those chelators are also given without consideration or half-life or dose. Kids flip out or regress and then the doctors and parents conclude it was because of the chelation. When it was really because of the protocol itself.

Frequent Low Dose chelation is not glamorous, expensive or fun. But it works. Doctors don’t make any money on it and they really don’t if you get better doing it.  There is nothing they can really sell you or market to you because the chelators are cheap. You do not need to go into the office and pay them for each treatment like you’d do with IV.

But you can’t fool chemistry. Chemicals behave the way they always behave whether they are at the doctor’s office, in an IV or you swallow them. Whether you pay someone $500 to give them to you in their office or you order a bottle of ALA for $10. They still last the same amount of time.

Safe chelation works and its cheap.