Human parasites are something no one wants to think about. No one wants to admit that there are nasty little creatures barely visible to the eye that hitch a ride on our food or our hands and find a way inside us where they grow, reproduce and thrive. All the while sapping our health and eating our food.

When I first stepped into biomed no one was talking about parasites really. Gut bacteria, viruses, stuff like that, sure but the main focus was on supplements. Some parents had their kids on 60 different things a day with it making no difference.

There seemed to be a lot of children with malabsorption issues. But why? Why aren’t our guts taking in our food?

A few years into our biomed journey I saw an applied kinesiologist myself for some issues I was having.  I was surprised when the kinesiologist said that I had a parasite in my upper right colon. Did I have pain there after eating? Ironically I did.

I went home and start reading about parasites. Wow, not as uncommon as you might think.

What the kids used:

  • Green Black Walnut Hull tincture

What I used:

  • Humaworm for adults

Die off symptoms we saw:

  • headaches, feeling off (me)
  • moodiness (kids)
  • weepiness (NT kid)
  • rashes (ASD kid)
  • refusing to leave the house, hiding under furniture (ASD kid)
  • ASD kid had horrible mood swings and was not himself at all.

*all die off symptoms resolved in the first week thankfully.

What I did for die off:

  • liver support: gave milk thistle several times a day


  • night wakings stopped
  • moodiness stopped
  • plantar wart healed (ASD kid)
  • less thyroid medication doses needed (NT kids)
  • No more gut pain after meals (me)
  • No more full moon insomnia (me)

Parasites can cause a host of symptoms that vary in people and they often go undetected for years. Many cases of IBS, colitis and other gut disease with un-treatable names are related to parasite infestations or bacterial overgrowth’s. This is overlooked a lot in mainstream medicine because it’s thought that parasites are limited to third world countries but that’s simply no so.

I certainly never would have suspected it if the kinesiologist didn’t but it made sense. We’ve never done a parasite kill and they are easier to get than one might think.