Following our progress with hair tests

© The Edge of Autism 2014

© The Edge of Autism 2014

It’s that time of year again, hair test time. The anticipation of “will it still show mercury or will it be normal?”  After the first three years of hair tests and chelation I gave up on that notion. I realized this was going to take a very long time. Far longer than the 3 years I was told it would take. I stopped expecting a normal hair test and instead started looking at what might show up this time.

We have had many surprises with our hair tests as we progress through chelation.  My son’s first hair test in April 2006 did not meet counting rules but it was so high in toxic heavy metals there was no mistake that metals were a problem. Specifically lead, antimony, arsenic, silver and tin. With these so elevated we knew we had to chelate. This test had no mercury at all.

His second test did not meet counting rules either but it looks very strange. He still didn’t show any mercury but his antimony levels shot way up and there was a lot of lead. We also began to notice adrenals stress signs on this test. Both of these tests were “all low” presentations with the essential minerals being below normal. So my son was not absorbing nutrients well.

Two years into chelation on April 2008 his test met rules for mercury deranged mineral transport. We also saw a spike in lead excretion and the appearance of some odd metals that didn’t show up on any tests before like thallium and thorium.

When my son was six years old in April 2009 we did another hair test and he met counting rules this time.  All of this toxic metals decreased a bit. And this is the first time we see any mercury on a hair test. And it wasn’t much at all. We still had adrenal insufficiency.

At age 7, he had 100 rounds by April 2010 and he was still steadily excreting those original toxic metals. His lead levels were the lowest  we had seen then so far but still not normal. There was still adrenal stress. This test his essentials were all over the place with 6 essential elements in the red zone.

The following spring at age 8, we got a surprise on this hair test with a huge increase in cadmium levels. Out of no where he had cadmium in the red zone almost to the edge of the page. We had never seen cadmium this high on any previous tests and he had no known exposures to cadmium other than in utero. (I am high cadmium on my own hair test). I could only conclude he was experiencing a huge dump of it. This test also still met rules for mercury deranged minerals. It also continued to indicate adrenals problems and a need for digestive enzymes.

This year at age 9 and with 140 rounds of DMSA/ALA chelation his test meets rules with four elements in the red zone. Mercury is still a problem. His minerals look more normal than the any previous tests as some of them have pulled into the middle normal zone instead of being wildly out of range. This test also has some mercury excretion and that’s something we’ve only seen the past two years after 100 rounds. The cadmium spike is gone and that’s come down. This reminded me of a lead spike he had a few years ago. This time lead did jump slightly possibly indicating another bone storage dump following our chelation break and subsequent weekly summer rounds. This test doesn’t show any adrenal or thyroid issues. But based on symptoms and body temperatures these are a small problem still.

It will be interesting to see if we stop meeting rules next year.

My son’s hair tests: Hair Test Summary


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