It’s that time of year again, hair test time. The anticipation of “will it still show mercury or will it be normal?”

We have had many surprises with our hair tests as we progress through chelation.

  • 2006: Did not meet counting rules but it was so high in toxic heavy metals there was no mistake that metals were a problem. Specifically lead, antimony, arsenic, silver and tin. With these so elevated we knew we had to chelate. This test had no mercury at all.
  • 2007: Did not meet counting rules either but it looks very strange. He still didn’t show any mercury but his antimony levels shot way up and there was a lot of lead. We also began to notice adrenals stress signs on this test. Both of these tests were “all low” presentations with the essential minerals being below normal. So my son was not absorbing nutrients well.
  • 2008: Met counting rules for mercury deranged mineral transport. We also saw a spike in lead excretion and the appearance of some odd metals that didn’t show up on any tests before like thallium and thorium.
  • 2009: Met counting rules this time.  All of this toxic metals decreased some. Mercury shows up for the first time.
  • 2010: Met counting rules, 100 rounds done. Lead is finally coming down.
  • 2011: Met counting rules, huge cadmium dump.
  • 2012: Met counting rules, 140 rounds. Minerals starting to look better. Toxic metals coming back down. Lead jump liekly due to bone stores releasing and coming out with chelation.

Most of his test also showed adrenal issues and later adrenal/thyroid issues.

It will be interesting to see if we stop meeting rules next year.