The Mercury Diaries by Daniel Forsyth

I began reading “The Mercury Diaries” by Daniel Forsyth known by me as “Sunshine” on the Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo Group. I was blown away by this wonderful creatively written recount of Sunshine’s quest for health in a world that doesn’t recognize mercury poisoning as a “real disease”. I found myself glued to his story, laughing with him, nodding in agreement and feeling his frustrations. I was ranting with him about the tons of doctors I had seen that laughed in my face too. I was cheering him on as he would stumble onto something that improved his health in some way. I was laughing out loud at his humor in the face of serious health trouble.

I could not put this book down! I hung on to every page waiting to see what Sunshine would learn next about his mercury poisoning that would help. I identified with his struggle as I have struggled and watched so many that I have helped on the forums over the years. Doctor’s don’t listen to us and only another fellow mercury chap gets it. Sunshine’s story gives you a real view of what you’re dealing with and a good talking too about how just “accepting it” will never get you better. Not only does he talk about his own struggles and symptoms he tells you how he got better.

He verbally cajoles you into taking action and taking your health back into your hands!

I found his suggestions and information easy to follow, user-friendly and immensely helpful. Even with all I know about mercury poisoning and chelation, I came away from the book knowing even more. He leaves you with reading suggestions so you can educate yourself the way he did.

The book gives you not only hope that even the sickest of us can come back from mercury poisoning but mutual support from sick person to another.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mercury poisoning this helps you understand what to do, how to do it and the large collection of symptoms and struggles someone with mercury poisoning lives with.

Absolutely fabulous read!!


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