Autism Rates Rise Again

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Well folks it’s been a few months since I’ve tended to the blog.
Today I was checking my Facebook and noticed a report from CBS news that the autism rate is now 1 in 50. How truly sad because I have had the horror or watching the autism rate continue to climb in just the 7 years since we began treating my son’s autism. It was 1 in 150 back then. Nothing is being done about it despite so many organizations claiming to help. It is not because they don’t really want to help but because they are up against a machine that no one is talking about. A machine that goes much deeper than some crappy vaccine science and a few ill-informed doctors. I’m talking about the entity running this country that controls the government and influences the decisions it makes. You can call this “entity” whatever you like and different people have different names for it. But their agenda is clearly stated by the continual over vaccination of infants and the addition of mercury containing flu vaccines during pregnancy. Now I hear talk about testing an anthrax vaccine on infants. Are they insane? It might seem that way but they certainly find infants to do this testing on somewhere, which means either orphans or children with ill-informed parents. But make no mistake they will do it and they will give this vaccine to babies.

Never mind that they already tested it on military personnel in the 1990’s during the Gulf War and those soldiers got pretty sick. Some of them are permanently disabled with an MS like illness that no one seems to have any idea how to fix. But the madness continues. I have no idea how many vaccines parents will continue to allow to be given to their babies before they really get a clue. But honestly are 30 enough? How about 50? I’m really wondering the number here because some of the vaccines given today were not even around when I had my first child 18 years ago. And they gave too many back then.

Each and every vaccine is another bullet in the roulette gun just waiting to push your infants immune system over the edge. It’s just one more bolus dose of toxic chemicals that maybe their liver can’t get rid of it. And people keep waiting for the government to “do something” but you’ve all been fooled. Mother government wants you think you can’t decide anything on your own. They want you to think you “need” them to tell you what’s best for your children and your life. They want this dependent population of drones that don’t question anything. This is how they own you. And this is how they rob your children of their futures and their right to life and to be healthy. The government is NOT going to fix this folks. Not ever. They make way too much money poisoning babies to ever stop doing it. But make no mistake, they don’t give this crap to their own kids.

There is no entity coming to stop the autism epidemic. Only parents can do that. They can do it by exercising their right as a consumer to NOT buy a product. That product are vaccines. We’ve been conditioned to think we aren’t paying for it because it’s billed directly to insurance or given away free at the clinic. But we are paying for it folks with all the children with autism on Medicaid. We will continue to pay for it for time infinity if we continue to poisoning generation after generation of children because most of them will require life long care and medical expenses.

How you stop autism is by exercising your right to choose. If a product can’t be sold because no one buys it, well it ceases to exists. Don’t buy it.


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