It’s been a while since I’ve posted any personal updates about my child’s progress. That’s primarily because autism doesn’t limit our lives that much anymore and I get busy with the forum, helping others and homeschooling. For a while we weren’t really seeing much going on with chelation but suddenly the gains are coming again.


  • improving in self-help skills
  • improvement in organizational skills
  • perseverance to finish something
  • better focus
  • adapting to social events better
  • he looks a lot less ASD around other kids now
  • his homeschool friend’s parents can’t tell he has ASD
  • he is tolerating hugs from parents
  • able to behave in public and often commenting on “why is that kid behaving like that?”
  • no longer refusing to go places when asked too: not tantruming over change


  • still sensory of course
  • we did experience some adrenal symptoms the past few weeks so back on adrenal support.
  • sleep/wake issues likely related to adrenal function.


We are doing ALA only rounds now and he does well on them. There have been no symptoms on or off rounds. It’s easy to get discourage when yo don’t see things changing for several months but I’ve learned that this is normal. You will again see changes if you keep chelating. After all as long as those hair tests keep coming back toxic, it’s not all gone.