Spring cleaning….and I don’t mean the house


Cleaning (Photo credit: go_greener_oz)

Oh so maybe third time is a charm with this blog post. I already wrote two fabulous posts then the internet farted and lost them. Oh joy.

We are doing spring cleaning and I mean more than just the house and yard. Most people clean out the garage, wash the windows and empty their closets. We do that too, but we also do a parasite cleanse in the spring and fall. Much like daylight savings time, except instead of setting the clock back and forth, we get to take herbs.

When I first learned about parasites I have to admit it was really gross. But it made sense why they would cause health problems. They are of no benefit to us but rather eat our supplements, food, and then…well…uh….err……release waste. I don’t want to be anyone’s toilet, thank you very much. These squatters set up camp in your body and live rent free. Well, it’s eviction time!

So far we are on day 3 and yesterday were a rather interesting. I was concerned how I would get my child to take the herbal powder since it’s so pungent. I’ll save the “why he won’t’ take capsules” story for another day. I decided that normally when I want him to take goldenseal which is also rather foul, I mix it into elderberry syrup and we squirt that down the hatch. So that’s what we will do with the parasite herbs. It worked. He doesn’t like it but he’s taking it without any physical force on my part. It will cost me of course if I want him to take it for 30 days. He has a price for most things he doesn’t like or want to do, and this time it’s a small transformer toy and some ice cream. I can live with that.

I wish someone would buy me something for taking my herbs like a good mommy. I know I am certainly not enjoying burping up garlicky pepper in the morning since you have to take it 30 minutes before food. But eh, no one said being a grown up was fun.

So far what we have to report are that it’s bothering my daughter’s gut and stressing her adrenals. Yep, she’s got buggers. Hubby just takes his “dirt pills” as he calls them and doesn’t say much. I am always hoping he doesn’t pass anything alarming or he might suddenly decide he doesn’t want to take them.

My son, well he’s had some rather interesting things to report. Yesterday which was only day 2 he was super sensitive to noise. While he’s always been a bit more sensitive than most, it was probably the most extreme I’ve ever seen. We were riding in the car on a humid 80 degree afternoon and I had the vent fan going because it was unjustly hot. To make my day more exciting the air conditioning decided it’s broken. Add that to the list of things I can’t afford to fix. So anyway, a few minutes into the fan blowing hot air on us and my son shouts out “Mom turn that thing off! It sounds like a herd of elephants stomping”. He reaches over and pushes off. Ok now it’s just hot, without a hot breeze. So I open the window and I am quickly informed that “it’s louder than a herd of stomping elephants”. I wasn’t aware anything was louder than that but I guess so. So now we are riding in a sweat box. Or as I call it an “Urban sauna”. Great.

As I reach over to check the map I had printed out to see which exit I need, he yells at me to “stop that paper rustling sound, it’s driving him crazy”. Then he reaches over and shuts off the radio. Silent, lost, urban sauna anyone? Oh, now I’m hot and angry. I tell him sensitive or not we need air, and I am not getting lost. So he tells me what exit it says so there’s no rustling and he agrees we can have the fan but on low.

Needless to say we made it to our destination. We enjoyed a wonderful 25 minute free sauna treatment, and he can read maps while I look at the road thankfully. I’ve no idea what this sudden flux in supersonic hearing means, but let’s hope it leads to something good when we’re done gulping down herbs in a month.

For me I’m going all out with the kitchen sink at my gut. I’m tired of feeling like someone spiked my food with an opiate drug anytime I get accidentally glutened. Then the subsequent skin outbreaks for the week, nope I’ve have had enough. Four years off gluten isn’t peaches. In addition to my humaworm, I’m taking aloe, bentonite, probiotics and I just finished goldenseal. Kill it all I say. Be gone critters, bacteria, funk…whatever you are. I need to absorb my iron, and maybe someday enjoy a piece of cake again.

Only three days in…..can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds. Usually any fun symptoms appear in the first week and subside by day 10. The rest of the cleanse is usually a breeze. Let’s see if I can have the vent on in the car today.

Since we stared the cleanse this week, we have to wait to start a round.

So next week it’s onto 153 for son, 133 for daughter and 100 for me.
I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.


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