I had the privilege of watching another fantastic interview with Andy Cutler. I have to say I am not disappointed when I listen to him speak about mercury, autism or chelation. No matter how many of his interviews I hear, I always seem to learn more each time. And each time I open one of his books I find something else in there I had somehow missed.

He seems to be one of the few who will speak the truth about autism and mercury. And that alone speaks volumes.

I found this interview insightful and an eye opener for parents.  For those on the fence or with doubts about putting in this much work to do the protocol, this will help.

Over the years a primary concern from parents who have not done it is the amount of work involved. Or that it takes a long time. These are valid concerns but if you look at what happens when you don’t get the mercury out safely or never get it out….these concerns seem small. When facing the reality that never taking the mercury out means a life-long disabled child who grows into a disabled adult that you won’t always be here to care for…..well, that makes getting up a night two nights per week to give the chelator doses seem like a drop in the hat.

If you’re a poisoned adult then you also know how devastating mercury is to your life, your career and your family. But you can get them back.

Andy is right, this protocol isn’t glamorous, but it works.

I have to say autism is work, it’s a struggle, every day.  But at least with this protocol most of us parents are seeing an end in sight. And that’s huge versus what else is out there.

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