Unexpected expectations

We started round 154 on Tuesday at 20mg of ALA and 5mg of DMSA. The past few rounds have gone just fine with ALA only or with a combination of both chelators. I really wasn’t exacting anything because it’s been a while since we’ve seen much. Usually we just see small improvements in mood or cognitive thinking.

Yesterday was rather interesting indeed as my son seems so much better at articulating his emotions. We had a meeting of sorts to discuss things that have been bothering him, stressing him or that he’d like to see improve. We talked a lot about school goals too. And I found myself very impressed with this rather advanced discussion which felt as if I were in a business meeting with some peers.

Later in the day after my son had spent some time playing on his own in which he invents games and acts out stories with his Hero Factory robots, or Legos, I found something that was rather unusual for him to do.

He had taken his button collection and categorized the entire thing. He’s had this button collection since he was about 5 years old. He normally keeps it in a little wooden box and doesn’t bother too much with it anymore. He used to call these his “gems”. There are also shiny plastic shapes, plastic gems and things like that in his box of treasures.

But for me, it was odd to see it all spread out like that on the floor. It make me double take and think “who really did that?”

A child who just a year ago could not handle the task of cleaning his room or organizing things without going into over load but yet here he had managed to make complete order of his gem bin. And this was nothing but haphazardly thrown into a box when he started.

I can’t say for sure if this is some progress from his chelation or from his parasite protocol. But I tend to doubt the parasite protocol because we normally don’t see things like this from killing parasites. We have one week of the parasite cleansed left and it doesn’t seem to be producing any symptoms at the moment. And just a few months ago the child who couldn’t organize anything rebuilt all his Lego kits by himself. These had been in pieces for a long time but he was not able to navigate finding the pieces and reassembling them.

Things like this are gains. Small things, but those things that show your child’s mind is working better. Thinking clearer, making sense of things.

But today, day two of the round he’s been exceptionally cooperative, creative and adventurous. He planned activities to do and did them. I’m impressed. It’s one of those days when not sleeping much last night pays off. I was up until 1am with him. Then I was up at 4am and did not get back to sleep until 6am. Up again at 8am and then crash until 9am. I’m tired. But I’m smiling.



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