Updating The Edge of Autism

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but maintaining a website, two blogs, an internet forum, working from home, and homeschooling makes me one busy lady. I don’t mind but sometimes that means I don’t get out a great blog post I have in mind until I have a spare moment.

We’ve been plugging away albeit slowly at chelation. I was set back by another adrenal crash this spring and that hasn’t helped matters.  So I’m on a break from chelation for now but the kids continue on. I started noticing small changes in my son  with chelation again after a long period of not seeing anything. I think this makes this out 3rd stall period, I’ve lost track because all of us have gone through at least two of them.

But the cognitive gains in thinking, processing and organization are starting to come now. I’ve blogged about them on my other website. ( Mercury Babies ) These are amazing and give us hope that more good things are sure to come.  I would like to find some additional supports to address a few issues that seem to be flared up at the moment.  Some of which are sleeping problems and eating issues. He seems a lot more sensitive with foods than he was say 8 months ago. It certainly isn’t extreme compared to when he was an

Milk thistle flowerhead.

Milk thistle flowerhead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

infant but it seems to be he was eating a larger variety 8 months ago and now he isn’t. Same with not being able to sleep at night. He’s pretty keyed up about 11pm and well I’m not keyed up.  I need my sleep. We have a few things on the table that we are using to help address these. Adrenal support, thyroid support, milk thistle for liver, and zinc. (In addition to his multivitamin)  It seems like his oral sensory is just on hyper mode these days as he balks at things he used to take or eat. But….no one said autism was easy.

We will keep trying things, keep chelating and be grateful for all the wonderful gains we do have.  I think often times parents get caught up in looking for these “wow” magic moments with huge gains that simply are rare if they happen at all. You have to be willing to accept any gains you get even if they do not meet your expectations.



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