A time to be thankful

As we near upon a holiday that’s perpetrated to be a time to give thanks, I can’t help but notice the media push for materialism. As people scramble to stores on a holiday, without any care that the people working in the store have been robbed of a holiday, I can’t help but think “wow, they’ve really done a number on the American people”.

When is enough ever enough?

Having traveled the road of a parent with a vaccine injured child, your perspective on thankfulness is a lot different from most people.

Each and every step towards getting off the spectrum is huge. You count each gain, each good day and each of your child’s smiles and give thanks.

Autism parents get that all the material stuff in the world means nothing if your child isn’t alright.

I’m thankful that I was given the ability to write so that I could write two books about treating autism. I’m thankful that our tragedy has turned into a triumph that I can share with thousands of other parents. I’m thankful for each and every report I get from parents out there that tell me “this is working!!”

And as I prepare to reflect on these things tomorrow before our family dinner, I know that I have been one of the lucky ones. So for me, I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving. I won’t contribute to taking away a Thanksgiving holiday from store employees in order to buy “stuff” that no one really needs. I know that family means more than a 50% off door buster sales.

There are so many things that matter so much more that demand our thoughts and reflections tomorrow.  Don’t be distracted. There are hungry, homeless people right in our own towns.

Each year when I see the Black Friday sales ads starting I am reminded of the movie The Labyrinth, when Sarah is in the junk yard trying to make her way to the castle to save her baby brother. She is distracted by bag lady, and led into a room that contains all her old toys, even ones that she had lost. She’s persuaded to forget about her little brother because everything she needs is right there.

This is how I see the greed that follows a day of giving thanks.
It’s an illusion to distract you from the real problems in our world and the real joys we should focus on.

Imagine if the media spent that much time talking about vaccine damage and autism?  Imagine the change that would lead too?

*I have no affiliation with any ads you see posted under blog posts.


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