We did stop the homeopathy after the third remedy.  I had worked with a homeopath that claimed to do classical but experienced regressions that were concerning enough to cause my son to ask to stop taking the remedies. He felt bad on them and I felt like we were losing ground that we had already gained.  I chose to go back to chelation which thankfully got us back to where we were before the regressions.

Further research revealed that our homeopathy had used a remedy that is considered isopathy. The doses prescribed were too frequent and they were high potency remedies.

It can be harder to choose remedies for children with autism because heir condition masks their true self. Many of these children will have a mercurial constitution but this is not their real constitution. For that reason it seems that chelation for 70-100 rounds would get them to a place where their true self were evident making it easier for the homeopath to choose the correct constitutional.

I have also looked into CEASE but this is homotoxicology, not classical homeopathy. This is something Andy Cutler warned against because of the high rate of regressions it’s reported to cause. I tried to find parents with good outcomes but I could not. I spoke with a practitioner doing this but her client based was 18 children and they all had regressions which she claimed was expected.  I was told to expect 18 months of up and down regression and illness as part of the process.

I did not chose that path. I did not feel making him worse was the path for us.

Rather instead we chose to look at Paul Herscu’s work with homeopathy and layers. My son fits a stramonium pattern because he seems locked in a flight or fight stage and has probably been so since infancy. While we control anxiety with supplements this doesn’t mean he has no anxiety and is not fearful of the world. He has coping mechanisms but this is not ideal.  We will see what this brings in terms of gains or symptoms.