Say it isn’t so? A kid not wanting to take his vitamins? So this is pretty much normal for many of us. We have an ongoing battle of pleading, bribing and continuously looking for supplements that are palatable enough to take that we don’t have to fight anymore.

We are no strangers ourselves. Oh the things I’ve tried. I used to take all the powders and use a syringe and shoot them into a juice box and shake like crazy. That worked for a while until my son got a tongue. Well at least I mean, a tongue that could actually taste things. Then he began to balk at the juice box. And from there it has continually morphed as he’s gotten older as to what supplements go in what and how.  I’ve even had the privileged of him ejecting what he called “camel puke” one time which was actually a pretty pricey autism multivitamin. But his tongue has no concept of cost.

It’s amazing how many things I’ve hidden in elderberry syrup, peanut butter sandwiches, juice, yogurt and food. Sometimes it works, and sometimes….well its gets “ejected”. And that means someone is cleaning the floor.  And sometimes, I can’t say I blame him. Some of the concoctions he’s had to take really were terrible.

But something I did come up with some years ago that completely erased this issue when it comes to taking chelators was the mini peanut butter cup move.  While normally we do avoid junk food and sweets as much as possible. Lets face it, getting the chelator in was more of a priority than a bit of sweet. My son quickly began to refuse the medicine syringe and juice very early on in our chelation journey at the age of 4.

So….creative I got.  I went for his sweet spot! And low and behold the “mini chelator cup” was born.

Yes indeed, I turned something my son loved and would beg for into a means for getting his chelator in without a fuss. Even at night in his sleep he happily chews these up and follows it down with some water.

Certainly some may be concerned about the sugar or that the peanut butter cups aren’t natural, but when working with a very oral sensory child, you do what works.  End of discussion.

You may need to try a few different brands to find one that works best. I have to say that the top national brand of mini peanut butter cups did not mix well. But we did well with the Walmart mini peanut butter cup brand which has smoother peanut butter.

And to date, 162 rounds later, he’s still complying with taking his chelators. His supplements however, that’s always a game of re-inventing the wheel.


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