Autism Organized

Having a child with autism often makes life busier than it might have been otherwise. We have to manage things that most parents don’t. Like supplements, dietary modifications, therapy and also somehow get household chores done too. It isn’t easy but most of us learn to juggle this rather well after some practice.

But what if there were some tools out there to make this process easier? Well certainly that would be fantastic.

My co-author Tressie came up with this excellent idea to start collecting and creating such a resource to make our biomed parents lives easier. And thus was born the Autism Organized website.  We get so many questions from parents about managing all the aspects of biomedical therapy and their every day lives. And finally, there are some tools to help.

From our recovery organizer, household chore list, menu planning, dietary information right on over to fun activities you can do with your kids…its truly an awesome collection of resources.

Just click the image to visit the site:



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