This is post is part of  my “Help My Kid Won’t” series.

Your kids can’t sleep? Insomnia is a huge problem among people including ASD kids. With all the commercials for sleep aid medications I don’t think this problem is isolated to children on the autism spectrum.

We are not strangers to late nights and early morning waking in this house. You might think I’ve finally gone all the way off the wagon into Nutsville, but believe me, I wouldn’t be blogging about this if it didn’t do something good for my kid.

He’s always had issue falling asleep. We had our share of night wakings, early mornings and being up half the night!  We’ve done many things with supplements that sometimes helped or helped for a short time.

The past two years have probably been the worst.  My kid being up half the night not working for any of us.

I recalled some hubbub in the ASD community about EMF’s a few years ago.  You know, “electromagnetic fields”?  We can’t see them but we are surrounded by them now that everything is wireless.

One 3am morning it dawned on me that all this got worse around the same time he got a tablet that was wireless. We got it because he needed to use ebooks or audio books because of tactile sensitivity to paper.

I stumbled on a book call Earthing and how this concept of grounding was easing pain and insomnia is a lot of people.  We measured the EMF’s coming from this object and it was the highest thing in the house.  It beat the cells phones, the wireless modem.  It’s all coming together now because I had many times said it seems like since we bought the tablet he doesn’t sleep.  I think if i had not been so tired I would have made the connection much sooner.

What’s one to do? Well I made grounding sheets for his bed and those electronics must be shut down at night. Letting electronics go into sleep mode or just setting them aside isn’t enough. They must not be connected to cell towers or wireless. Air plane mode seems to suffice. Otherwise devices will intermittently connect to the wireless or cell towers off an on all night long.

Once I made the grounding sheets for all our beds we report the following changes:

  • calmed anxiety in child just by sitting on it for a few minutes
  • better sleep, deeper sleep
  • fall asleep faster, calming feeling
  • increases circulation so no more cold feet all night
  • hubbie doesn’t snore as loud
  • less soreness, stiffness, pain in the morning
  • child is falling asleep faster and staying asleep

All I can say is you won’t believe it unless you try it.  My son is grounded literally and we plan to stay that way.

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