Geier’s New Evidence

I always make it a point to watch the Autism One presentations each year and I never miss one from the Geier’s!

I have read the Simpsonwood transcripts, the Aluminum Adjuvant conference transcripts so I know exactly what happened. I know that our kids were poisoned by vaccines and this was covered up. The most hurtful part of this is that they knew it in 1999 THREE years before my son was born. They covered it up.

He might not have ever had Autism if the issue were dealt with responsibly instead of people covering their own interests. That’s a hard fact to live with.

What hurts more is that it still continues today. Parents come to me in droves with newly diagnosed children. Mom’s have had flu vaccines while pregnant, their infants get them at 6 months of age… just continues.

I am truly grateful to researchers like Geier’s who continue to speak the truth regardless of any threads, pressures from anyone. They continue to push to stop this crime.

Any parent doubting the truth…..listen to the scientific evidence:

Mercury Free Baby

Geier Presents New Evidence


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