Latest Hair test after 166 rounds

The hair test results came! Every year we wonder, “is this the year?” And by that I mean will this be the year he won’t meet rules for mercury deranged mineral transport anymore. It’s been 8 years since his first hair test at age 3. The initial estimate was 3 years of chelation with DMSA/ALA. If done weekly that would be 156 rounds. Course weekly rounds are not always possible for everyone and in some cases not the best way to do it. In our case, we had a high level of lead in addition to other metals. The suggestion was to chelate weekly the first month. Then switch to every other week for a while. Then every third week and finally once a month. Since metals work on a balance of what’s in storage versus what’s in the blood, we’d pull some lead of out the blood. Take a break and the body would equalize by pulling more lead from storage into the blood. Then we would come in with another round and pull out more lead.  I also battled adrenal fatigue which really prevented rounds every week all year. We had stints of time usually in the summer where we could do them every week. And we have taken advantage of every opportunity to get them in when we could. It hasn’t been easy because I don’t have help with giving night doses and the disruptions in sleep have been hard on my adrenals but I get by. This is my son’s health and future we’re talking about! So for us our course has been slower in terms of the number of rounds we could belt out in a year. If we did them too often they simply ran my son down. So faster isn’t always the best option for some children. Ideally of course you do want to get them done as soon as you can. Unfortunately this year wasn’t the year for that long awaited hair test. However, for the first time ever, his heavy metals are finally in the green and low yellow range. So this is truly something to celebrate for us. It has taken 166 rounds for his heavy metals to finally start appearing in a more normal range. He’s still got mercury but I expected that. While subsequent hair testing after chelation begins aren’t really useful for looking at current or new exposures, they can help reassure a parent that progress is being made when sometimes it might seem like it isn’t. It can also help provide a glimmer at adrenal and thyroid function. Not always of course, but for us I really  won’t  rest that my son’s mercury poisoning is gone until we get that clean hair test and chelate for 6 months after that. So we still have work to do on the adrenals and thyroid, and more mercury. So we will do that and see what next year’s hair tells us! Hair Test


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