Adrenals were never something I really thought about until 4 months into chelation. We began noticing that old symptoms of irritability and tantrums returned. My son was not able to get to sleep at night either. I remember another parent pointing out adrenals. I began looking at what Andy has to say about adrenals in children. Both of my children displayed symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • explosive behavior
  • anger
  • craving salt
  • sleep disturbances, inability to fall asleep at night

B5, B6, vitamin C and adrenal cortex glandular are all helpful in supporting adrenal function. This in turn supports thyroid function, reduces inflammation in the body, and a host of other functions.

Within a few days on Adrenal cortex, my son was back to his sweet self. Within a few weeks, he was sleeping well at night again.