Thyroid function is another commonly overlooked condition in children as well as adults. Far too often we see  symptoms of low thyroid function in children on the spectrum or children with mercury.  These children may not grow well, may be tired, have brittle hair, low body temperatures, mood swings or depression, and suffer frequent respiratory infections.  Both of my children have needed thyroid treatment on some level along our journey.  My son would get fatigued and wouldn’t want to get up in the morning.  He would fall asleep mid day and his body temperatures got low.  His condition responded well to ThyroGold and Adrenal Cortex. Both of these are over the counter supplements. My neurotypical child did require prescription Armour Thyroid medication to treat her thyroid because her symptoms, lab work indicated a more intensive approach.  The improvement in both of their overall functioning was tremendous! As we continued  chelation their requirements for glandular support have reduced.

I suggest parents visit Stop the Thyroid Madness to learn more about adrenal/thyroid function, testing and treatment.

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