I continue to educate myself about methylation and MTHFR.  I took a webinar by Dr. Elizabeth Mumper about medical treatments in autism and after completing the first half, I do suspect my child probably has an MTHFR variant.

While she has lots of great information about managing the many facets of health problems some of her methylation information was interesting. She has a list of symptoms that if a child/person has  they should be tested for MTHFR. She was saying that you can get methylation problems at any age because they are triggered by the environment. This is what I suspected based on experience with my own health.

Fine when I was younger, not fine now….somewhere in my teens I began exhibiting chronic fatigue and started testing iron and B12 anemic. I was told to take iron, B vitamins and eat meat. That was about the time I had reached optimal dental amalgam exposure and had been given lots of antibiotics. Thse things probably tipped my methylation system into the toilet.

Some of the symptoms she mentioned like motor function delays, clumsiness, regression, being weak after exercise, hypotonia were ones we were familiar with. Certainly that’s not “definitive” but just some clues that she says warrant testing my kid.

My son had vision therapy in 2010-2011 but now several years later he complains of eye fatigue when reading. I took him back for an eye exam and the developmental optometrist  found he has eye motor weakness, again. So we are doing eye exercises but this made me wonder why did the muscle weakness come back? Well, because it’s a motor delay and maybe that’s related to methylation.

Parents frequently ask me if they should treat MTHFR if their child has it.  I think it’s a part of the picture and should be treated. You still have to clean up the diet, environment and address metals, infections etc., too because those do actually help fix methylation.

So in light of my recent learning endeavor, consequently my doctor suggested I should be tested for it because I am overly sensitive to so many supplements that don’t bother anyone else. I’ll have to see what the testing shows.