household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..Living with autism usually means learning what things are around us everyday that are likely contributing to or making autism worse. Our kids are the canaries in the mines that whose bodies are telling us, enough already! When I started this journey I had no idea just how many things were out there that we were exposed too every day that were actually poison.

Most of you already know about the vaccines so I’m going to skip over that and deal more directly with pollution. This modern age of “chemistry will make our lives easier” has actually backfired with devastating consequences. Thousands of chemicals have been put into our environment and most with little or not testing. For years companies freely polluted and there was no accountability for the use of any chemicals. While today we have some regulation there are still many chemicals that are grandfathered into EPA standards.

So what is a parent to do? Beside panic anyway…..educate yourself and avoid what you can reasonable avoid.  I do think that moving infants to plastic bottles was a bad thing and we should have left the glass ones in place. Most infants chew on plastic toys manufactured in companies that do not have standards for heavy metals or plastic chemicals.

The water, the air, the bedding, everything is some exposure essentially but you can do something to minimize and reduce these exposures. One must become an educated consumer in order to do this since even something as seemingly innocent as baby shampoo may contain endocrine disruptor that could affect your child down the road.

Most of our homes are flooded with fragrances that are derived from petrochemicals, flame retardants, EMFs, plastics, pesticides, toxic cleaners, mercury containing light-bulbs, personal care products full of thyroid and reproductive hormone disruptors and toothpaste containing fluoride (rat poison). The toothpaste really should be kept out of reach of children!

Know what you’re buying. Know what is in it and what those chemical names mean. They are counting on you not knowing because if you did, you’d buy something else!