Why we don’t own a microwave oven

I have a confession to make. I don’t own a microwave oven! I decided to write this post because I am getting ready to make some bone broth today and I keep coming across websites that refer to people re-heating it in a microwave oven. GASP!

I have fondly referred to it as “the nuker” since the 1990s when every home got one of these little machines. It isn’t a coincidence that I’ve given it this name. To me “nuke=radiation” and well, microwave ovens essentially radiate your food. Not exactly in the same way that say a stick of plutonium would, but in a similar manner that alters the molecular structures of the food. When I learned they were banned in Russia in 1976, that fact alone prompted me to research why. This research is well detailed in the Health Hazards of Microwave Ovens post.

microwaveAfter my research we gave up our microwave in 2006 and haven’t owned one since.  When I began our autism journey one of my first ventures was nutrition and insuring that every bite my picky eater took was as nutritious as it could be. My research on microwave ovens convinced me that the foods nutrition is ultimately destroyed through the process of agitating the molecules of the food. This microwave process bounces the molecules all around and distorts or breaks them. In turn many problems have been found in research with eating foods that this has been done too in terms of changing blood chemistry, causing deficiency or immune suppression.

globalresearch"I know children with autism or people with health conditions often have immune dysfunction. And if only people know that eating microwaved foods was shown to changes the blood included a decrease in all hemoglobin values and cholesterol values, especially the HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values and ratio. Ouch!

I had made up my mind. Bye microwave that made us rubbery bland food! We won’t miss you! I always noticed how the food cooked in one had no flavor and if you didn’t eat it in a few seconds it shriveled up and turned into a rock. So one of the first things we noticed when I began cooking using traditional methods was the taste and texture of the food was so much better!

Some people certainly thought I was crazy and likely some still do, but many that have eaten with us comment on how the food tastes so much better.  Sure they all complain that it must take me so much more time to cook, but honestly I have not noticed that it takes me that much more time. Crock pots are great and I have an excellent ceramic cook top that heats up in seconds. It is amazing how the new ovens heat up to temperature in less than few minutes. I use that time to prep the food I’m going to cook or say…..check my messages!

Something else I could not over look is that some of my crunchy mama friends spend extra time and money sourcing grass-fed traditionally raised beef, raising their own chickens, growing their own produce. Then preserving it all for winter by freezing, canning, dehydrating. They have pesticide free gardens and won’t drink or eat out of plastic. My one friend doesn’t let her child eat anything from a package. However, she uses the microwave to defrost her organically raised grass-fed meat or poultry! I really couldn’t keep my mouth shut on this one so I shared that we don’t own a microwave at all. When questions came in, I answered them. Including how I defrost meat. It’s called the refrigerator, overnight. The same way my grandmother defrosted meat. Ever watch Kitchen Nightmares? Well, Chef Ramsey is not a fan of the microwave because it alters the taste and texture of the food.

So what happens if I forget to take the foods out of the freezer the night before?

That is what vegetarian night is for.

Anyone concerned about nutrition and health may wish to consider ditching their microwave oven.  Already have a wall mounted microwave? They make great storage space for extra dishes! Just unplug that vampire electric hog and turn it into storage and not only will you be Eco-friendly, your family will be eating healthier too.


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