microwaveI have a confession to make. I don’t own a microwave oven. I decided to write this post because I am getting ready to make some bone broth today and I keep coming across websites that refer to people re-heating it in a microwave oven. GASP! So much effort put into making a wholesome nutritious food just to destroy its nutrition in a microwave oven.

I have fondly referred to the microwave as “the Nuke-er” since the 1990s when every home got one of these little machines. It isn’t a coincidence that I’ve given it this name. To me “nuke=radiation” and well, microwave ovens essentially radiate your food. Not exactly in the same way that a stick of plutonium would but in a similar manner that alters the molecular structure of the food. When I learned they were banned in Russia in 1976 that fact alone prompted me to research why. This research is detailed in the Health Hazards of Microwave Ovens post.

So after doing my research I got rid of our microwave in 2006 and learned how to cook real food. When I began our autism journey I focused on nutrition and insuring that every bite my picky eater took was as nutritious as it could be.  Research on microwave ovens convinced me that the foods nutrition is ultimately destroyed through the process of agitating the molecules of the food. What a microwave does is agitate the food’s molecules all around until they are distorted or broken.  This is not how our bodies recognize food particles. Many problems have been found in research related to eating foods that are microwaved.  It has been shown to cause changes in blood chemistry a well as suppression immune function.

globalresearch"I know children with autism usually have immune dysfunction so that was a concern for me. People don’t know that microwaved foods change blood hemoglobin values including your good and bad cholesterol values.  It’s the old can’t see it must not be harmful theory but it is harmful.

So ours went and we cook using the stove, crock pots, tea kettle…the way people have done for centuries. My food tastes better and I’m not destroying the nutrition in it before I eat it.

I’ve seen folks spent a lot of time and effort on finding and raising organic or free range foods only to microwave them before eating it. It changes the taste, texture and depletes the nutritional value and I’m sure people have no idea.  We take modern convenience as face value when really we should be looking deeper to find out if they are worth the moments in time they save against the damage to our health.