Chelation Update Round 168 and 108

Chelation has not been moving along as fast as I’d like because I am finding the better your child gets, the less time you really have to do a round. I take that as a good sign. It means life is getting in the way because we can actually fully enjoy it!

However, rounds must go on!! Until and unless we get that clean hair test and we aren’t toxic we have to keep squeezing in rounds between the busy of every day life.

We started round 168 for my son and round 108 for me. I am on 50mg of ALA and he’s on 25mg of ALA with 5mg of DMSA.

We get started at 6am so that we don’t have to have an additional night of waking up. On our first day the only symptoms I noticed was that I was a bit tired from waking up that early. Otherwise we felt fine.

Day two my son seems much happier than usual and I seemed more focused than normal. That is how we know it’s helping and it’s working.  Sometimes parents think that a round will produce some huge fabulous gain like speaking in sentence in a previously non-verbal child….but frankly, it’s much slower than that. It’s small subtle things like us both feeling on our game!

The third day I was pretty tired because when I wake at night to give doses I have to get up and walk around and by the time I get back to bed, I have a hard time sleeping again.

Post round I did get a headache which isn’t usual for me so I increased my vitamin c to 1,000 mg every four hours. My son was tired and felt wiped out. I gave him an epsom salt bath and increased his vitamin c.

Some rounds we have more fatigue than others, and this was one of those “tired rounds”.

This is normal, taking out metals is tough work!  But not all our rounds are like this, the next won’t be the same. That’s what I’ve learned.


One thought on “Chelation Update Round 168 and 108

  1. I like the idea of starting your rounds in the morning to reduce the number of nights to wake up….i really enjoy reading your posts.i am on round 22 for my 4 yr old son and i know that oneday he is gonna be able to communicate to me verbally or non verbally

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