Round 169 and Round 109

We started round 169 for my son. I finally raised his dose of ALA to from 25mg to 30mg. I had been meaning to increase it since he’s grown and increased in weight but I had to order 60mg capsules first. I started round 109.

My dose is still at 50mg of ALA this time. I had wanted to raise my dose because I have been at 50mg for a while now and my rounds are pretty smooth. I don’t have any 25mg ALA left at the moment which means I will chelate with what I have. It isn’t imperative I raise my dose right now anyway. Sometimes things happen for a reason and maybe that’s karma telling me to be patient and just hold the 50mg for now. After all the point is to make sure you aren’t miserable or have a lot of symptoms on a round.

My son sailed through this round and you couldn’t tell that we raised his dose. He had no negative symptoms at all. His mood seemed to be lighter and happier which is something we do see when he is on a round.

As he’s gotten older we have started having the problem that he wakes up at night when his night doses are given. He will go back to sleep if it’s a 2am or 4am dosing. However, if it’s 6am he is up for the day. This hasn’t stopped us from doing rounds anyway, since he is functioning fine during the day. I’m the one that has a hard time going back to sleep after getting up from rounds. I survive it though and it has to be done.

Our round actually went very well with little to no symptoms at all. So we will continue his rounds at 30mg of ALA with 5mg of DMSA. People have asked me how we got DMSA. Since we began doing this years before DMSA was removed from over the counter sales, we already had some DMSA in our home that we can use up.

We shouldn’t need to use it much longer anyway and I will base that on his next hair test. We do them once a year and I try to make sure it’s a year to the month of the previous test. I will look at the level of his other heavy metals at that time to see if DMSA can be discontinued. In light of the new regulations on DMSA, it’s important to remember that most children don’t have high levels of Lead and don’t need to use DMSA at all.

It doesn’t seem that we will need to use it much longer and I will base that on the next hair test result. That won’t be done until summer probably.



2 thoughts on “Round 169 and Round 109

    • Jack,
      Thank you for asking. My son is doing very well. He’s about to start round 171. My son has been passing very well as neurotypical for the past year. He is social, has friends, and is happy and engaged. His main issue at this point is entirely sensory in nature. He is sensitive to the sounds/sights/touch of several items still. But has recently shown great progress in eating a larger range of foods and trying new foods. The time frame for progress varies per child and does depend on where they began in terms of their diagnosis and level of functioning but I know my son would not be where he is if we hasn’t chelated on this protocol. That really has given us almost all of our progress and gains. I wish you and your child! Best in Recovery-Jan

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