Flower Essence

flowers black whiteOne of the symptoms that hasn’t really resolved for my son is his sensory symptoms. They have improved tremendously with chelation but we have reached a stale mate of sorts with what sensory issues we have left. I can’t say for sure that more chelation won’t improve them, because I really don’t know that. It very well might and we will keep chelating because the hair test indicates there is still mercury. What I do know is that I haven’t seen chelation improve the sensory symptoms in several years. Not like those amazing rounds we used to see where he reported little to no sensory on the round.

His sensory used to be so bad he didn’t wear clothes. Today we are a long way thanks to chelation. However, we really would love for him to have some relief from the limits those remaining sensory symptoms put on his life.

We decided to try some Australian flower essence for my son. We had used Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Kids in the past for anxiety attacks and I knew they worked.

We started flower essence on October 29th. Later that day he asked to learn how to swallow pills. This from the child that insisted he could never do this because he would choke. It was hard for him, but he remained persistent and he did do it.

He also surprised us by trying the soup I had made which is something he wouldn’t do in the past. This was his idea.

He went on to surprise us by doing very well at a family party several days later. Our parties are usually loud, lots of children and lots of people. Normally he can’t tolerate this very long. During the party he came up to me and I though he was going to ask to go home, because that’s usually what he does. This time he said “mom, can we stay longer?” and he ran back to play with his cousins. He also lost his favorite watch that night but he didn’t tantrum or get upset. Generally a situation like that would leave him very angry and he’s have a hard time getting past it.

The coming days were filled with this child who carried a different energy about him. He was trying new foods and asking about the things I cooked. He even helped an elderly neighbor bag up her leaves. This is something he would have never done in the past.

He signed a thank you card, when normally he would refuse to see the point. He’s more flexible too and isn’t getting upset about changes in plans or running errands.

Other family noticed that my son lets them hug him now. He cuddles and doesn’t mind me touching his head anymore. That same head that I could not wash or touch when he was 3.  He seems less sensitive over all. He’s been bringing me papers off the printer, and granted he is using his nails to touch it, but this is a step in the right direction coming from a child that wouldn’t touch it at all.

The month of November was full of these tiny improvements that appeared. On a grocery trip he decided he wanted to “look around the produce department and choose some foods he liked”. I about fell over. He chose carrots, green beans, bananas, and broccoli. It was like he had just realized there was a produce section, even though we are in every time we visit the store. It’s like he’d never really taken a good look at the foods in that area to choose what he likes. Normally I just buy them but his taking notice was so out of character for him.

I’ve noticed that my son is very cuddly at night and wants me to sit with him in bed and talk. I asked him why because this is out of character for him. He said his sensory is less at night and he can handle cuddling so this is when he wants to do it.

We finished our six weeks on the flower essence on December 15th. We took a week off and noticed that he seemed moodier so we resumed giving them as per the instructions. He quickly picked right back up to doing well again!

I have to say I am truly surprised at the changes in my son. He just seems in a better place. While the sensory isn’t gone it’s improved because he’s not as reactive to touch and he’s trying many foods, retrieving paper from the printer, signing cards etc.

These days he’s busy with projects of his own making, imagination, designing, playing outside a lot more than he used too. He seems so much more what he should be as a healthy young boy.

I may not fully understand how flower essences work on the body or energy of our bodies, but what I do know is they helped us.

Flower Essence Continued


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