We decided to try flower essence blends just to see if they would help anything. His sensory came a long way with chelation but it’s still an issue.  Sure it was so bad he didn’t even wear clothes so I’m thankful for what chelation has done.

I have had experience using Bach’s flower essences for anxiety and they worked well. Plus there seem to be no down sides or risk to using them.

We began a custom blend on October 29th.


  • He asked to learn how to swallow pills. (gain did not stick though)
  • He tried a new food.
  • He went to a family party and and for once didn’t ask to leave immediately.
  • He just seems somehow different in a good way.
  • He signed a thank you card, when normally he would refuse to see the point.
  • He’s more flexible too and isn’t getting upset about changes in plans or running errands.
  • Other people commented on how much better he seemed.
  • He is people give him a hug.
  • He wanted cuddles and didn’t mind his head being touched.
  • He was touching paper without complaint.
  • He expressed an interest in choosing vegetables at the store. (trust me that never happens)

We finished our six weeks on the flower essence on December 15th. We took a week off and noticed some loss of improvements. He was moody. So we restarted them and it seemed to help. Well see what happens as we continue.

Flower Essence 2