Over the years I’ve been contacted by many parents from all the over the world searching for answers. Many reported to me that there were no specialists in their country that treated autism and no one was doing biomedical therapy. Sometimes that isn’t as bad of a thing as it sounds.

What I mean is that in the early days there were no doctors in the U.S either that were treating autism. This lead parents to find treatments and start collecting the information about what worked. Parents were the pioneers of many of the autism therapies.

When we began our journey we had just our pediatrician who didn’t really know how to treat autism.  The doctors we saw that specialized in child development didn’t seem to either. They could confirm our observations and give it a name but ultimately like most parents were told it was a psychological brain disorder that was not treatable.

I’ve even talked to parents who were told to institutionalize their child and move on. (GASP!) That was the mentality then and left many parents feeling hopeless. We sure have come a long way!

When I looked into autism doctors, called “DAN doctors” in 2006, I found that they were so expensive there wasn’t any way we could go to one. The only one I could find near us was in another state. The idea of driving with a child that screamed in the car because of the motion was impossible. They wanted to charge me $500 to look over any testing we already had done.  Then another exorbitant fee to see my child and still another fee for any testing they wanted. They did not take insurance either to help buffer some of the cost. Back then nothing for autism was covered by insurance anyway.  We were looking at thousands of dollars just to figure out what if anything would help.

As a mother I was driven to find answers. I spent a lot of time online learning about natural therapies that were working. I talked to and learned from other parents who were doing therapies for autism with success. Our financial limitations probably saved my son from IV-chelation because there was a lot of that going on then. It drove me to find safe natural things we could do ourselves to help improve his health without risks of making him sicker.

I don’t want parents out there to feel that because they don’t have access to an autism specialist or because they can’t afford to see one that there is nothing they can do. It isn’t true.

I have managed this process entirely on my own.  There isn’t any specialize testing needed for the frequent dose protocol.  You don’t need a doctor to make dietary changes, use supplements or detox on the frequent dose protocol.

If your child needs blood work for something else like ruling out a thyroid problem, you can use your child’s primary care doctor.  In many places you can access to self ordered lab tests too.

It’s easy for us to become conditioned to thinking we need a doctor or a “specialists” because our children are so complex and it’s really overwhelming when you’re new to autism but parents are powerful and have more determination for their child’s well-being than anyone. This drive is what leads to learning safe natural interventions and you can do that even if you don’t have access to a doctor in your part of the world!

Doctors are wonderful for many things and certainly have their role in addressing your child’s health but no one should feel there is nothing that can be done simply because they can’t access a specialized doctor.