Flower Essence (Continued)

MP900433086We have continued on my son’s flower essence It has been very helpful in so many ways. He’s just a happier child all around.

Over the past month or so he’s been eating more normally and trying new foods. He’s expressed curiosity about ingredients, what’s in the foods I make and how to do they taste.

And he’s been tasting most everything. This was my reluctant eater who ate a set collection of familiar foods. He wouldn’t even eat crackers if they were not the brand he always ate. He was very particular and most of the time I had to hide nutrition in his regular foods.


He has eaten turkey meatballs, soup, vegetables, roasted drumsticks, spaghetti with meat sauce…and the list goes on!  What we are not seeing anymore is his outright refusal to try anything. He has a curiosity about food now that he never had before. He wants to know what things taste like and he wants to try them.

As if that wasn’t super enough……

He says to me the other day “mom I want you to be my health coach. I want you to help me eat healthier”.

What? Who is this kid and what have they done with my son?

Well, I can’t help but take the bait so I ask him what he’d like me to help him with. He says he wants to try my diet and be gluten-free for a while to see if he likes it.


Well since it isn’t that hard to do because everything I cook already is gluten-free, I tell him that I will help him. He says he wants to learn about being gluten-free and learn about what other foods he could have instead of his favorite gluten stuffs. And he wants to try the diet for a while to see how he likes it.

This is a complete turn around from the child that detested my diet because my “gluten-free” food was icky. He was very resistant to any influence from us or any suggestions from us about food.  In fact, he tended to be resistant on many fronts, not just eating. His disposition has shifted to are more open and willing child. We even see this in his school work. He is actually interested in his school work, in planning projects, exploring, learning about topics. And I’ve seen a change in that he takes projects upon himself and goes and does them, without my oversight from me.

I can’t really explain how the flower essence work other than they are like homeopathy but they work on a different level to help re balance things. All I can say is that we are very happy with what it has done for him.

So he’s been willingly gluten-free and this is his second week. I’ve noticed he has a better appetite and is eating better foods without all those crackers.



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