We are on the last day of round 171 for my son and round 111 for me. This is the first round we have used alpha lipoic acid only for my son. He has done excellent and we noticed no negative symptoms on 30mg. I wanted to see if he really needed the DMSA anymore. It doesn’t seem that he does at least not in terms of tolerating ALA. At this point  we will use it every other round until we see his next hair test. If the other toxic elements are still low, we will move to entirely ALA rounds.

I also raised my dose of alpha lipoic acid to 100mg this round and haven’t had any negative symptoms either.  Which is truly amazing considering how hard chelation has been for me until recently. (see ALA was my nemesis)

My son actually asked me to put him on a round. This is something he’s done since he was little when he felt like he needed one. In the early days of chelation he would report many great things on rounds like:

  • his brain worked better (reports he could think better)
  • he could see better (clearer vision)
  • he could hear better (less auditory processing issues)
  • he had more energy
  • he could focus and built with his legos

So many times he would ask to do a round or would want to know when the next round was coming. I have heard many parents report this same thing. Children seem to know   they feel better because of it and then want to do it.

I was just thinking that I haven’t really noticed any gains per say from chelation in a while which is expected because really he doesn’t have much in terms of symptoms to lose.

As I a writing this post my son calls to me to tell me has a surprise for me. He wants me to look out the window.

And what to my amazing grace do I see….he’s written a message to me in the snow.

As I’m tearing up I run for the camera to take a picture of it. He has written in giant letters with a stick “I Love you Mom!”.

He’s never done that before. I am amazed.

I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. I sit here with tears of joy in my eyes because my son has finally arrived into his own. He’s happy, loving, well-functioning, has friends, eats better, plays outside finally, amuses himself, is creative, inquisitive….and onward I can go. That’s always the way with chelation…just when you think it’s not doing anything….it is.

Forward, it’s now day two post round: My son says he’d like to bake something and that he loves baking (since when?…it’s more like he likes watching me bake so he can eat it). So he asks where our recipes our. I direct him to the binder on the counter. He comes back and says he found a recipe and he’d like to make peanut butter cookies. I’m tired since day two is my hit by a truck day when I chelate. I explain that I’m not really in the mood. He says that’s OK he’s going to make them himself. (What?)  I don’t interfere because I want to see what’s going to happen. Several minutes later I find he has taken out all the ingredients that the recipe calls for and the necessary bowls. He has everything on the counter ready to go. He even has two bowls in the correct sizes for the recipe. He asks me if it matters if we use unsalted butter or not? I tell him no.

No because we only buy one kind…and I personally can’t taste the difference when I bake with it. Then he asks if it matter if use smooth peanut butter because we don’t have chunky. I tell him smooth is fine.

A moment or two later I pop into the kitchen to see how he’s progressing and I find him pondering. He says “mom what does ‘cream together’ mean?”. I explain to him that it means you are going to mix/mash/smoosh all the things together. He says “I thought that’s what it meant but I wasn’t sure”.

I watch him measure out the ingredients and add them to the bowls and follow the directions for mixing. He used the electric hand blender and creamed together the wet ingredients without any help from me. He did ask me to take turns stirring when it came time to add the flour mixture to the wet mixture. He poured. I mixed. I poured. He mixed. When it was all mixed he set it in the fridge to chill as per the recipe. When it was time to roll them into balls, that was my job. He did roll one himself but the sticky texture was more than he could handle. So instead he made the fork marks and flattened them.

He put the baking sheets in the oven and set the timer. When it went off, he went in, got the oven gloves and took the cookies sheets out and put them on the stove top to cool down. After that, he got the cooling rack out and began to move the cookies to that with a spatula.

I am beyond myself. Normally, he requires A LOT of help to bake and ends up disappearing from the room before it’s half done. I don’t know what brought this on but it’s truly progress for us. For him to take on a something like this that’s normally beyond what he can complete on his own? For him to do almost all of it with little to no help?

Wow…..really speechless and proud.

That makes this round worth every second of lost sleep.