Sensory Regression, possible gluten infraction

I reported that on January 27th my son finally overcame his sensory symptoms to paper.

Well that was a good rid while it lasted!!

I’m not sure what happened and I’m not happy to report that today it returned and he noticed it when it was time for his copywork/printing worksheet.

While this is a bummer, I guess it will help me sort out what actually made it go away since I’m not sure what was causing it to begin with.

This is our progression of interventions that led up to curing it:

  • Flower essence: Been on since Oct. 29, 2014 and didn’t have this gain until after the round done on January 29th and gluten-free diet.
  • chelaton round: January 19th
  • gluten-free diet started: January 16th.

Normally we don’t start more than one thing at a time but rounds haven’t done anything for sensory since 2009. So those are really not a new intervention. Neither are the drops he’s been taking for months. I wasn’t planning for my son to be gluten-free…that was his idea. But that was really the only new thing we had done that I could attribute to such a dramatic change.

So that has me thinking did my son get gluten contamination in the past few days?

I wasn’t sure because I make almost all of his food at home but he did have grilled chicken at a place we know is gluten-free and we have eaten there many times without incident.

Since he doesn’t seem to have any symptoms when eating gluten aside from sensory disturbances, it’s not easy to tell if he’s gotten something accidentally when eating away from home. Where as I will know in 20 minutes if I ate something with gluten in it. I will feel like vomiting, my head will hurt and I will feel just terrible.

Well when hubby got home from work tonight I was talking to him about our setback and he reminded me of the french fries my son had on Saturday night that may have been contaminated. We have not bought them in a while and I think that’s where he would have been glutenized.  I had completely forgotten about the fries!! Yikes!

We won’t be eating those anytime soon!

If a gluten infraction caused the setback, then it should fix itself by avoiding any further gluten contamination. I will report back once I have confirmation!


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