So now I’m puzzled because the symptoms went away several days after they appeared and I thought it was because we continued the gluten-free diet. But now I’m not so sure.

We had to attend a funeral this past week which was followed by dinner put on for the family and friends. We had been out all day with the funeral proceedings and I had brought my son some snacks. We already discussed that there probably wouldn’t be anything we could eat at the dinner.

Well, despite my best efforts by the time we had arrived at the dinner, it was 1pm and my son was starving. He ate breakfast at 9am but normally he hast eaten lunch by now. They didn’t bring out any food until after 2pm which aggravated the situation. When they did he decided that he was starving and there was nothing I could say to convince he shouldn’t eat any gluten.

He ate a large plate of pasta and sauce. I stuck with the vegetables and fruit that should have been safe. I encouraged him to try to avoid it as I was doing. Which turned out not to matter because I got sick anyway. I might as well have eaten the pasta!

Within 20 minutes I could feel the nausea and the brain fog so I took some activated charcoal which I carry in my purse in case this happens. My son happily gobbled up what I feared would be a nightmare for him later on.

I waited anxious the following worrying the sensory would come back, Each day we checked to see if his sensory reappeared but it’s been a week, and it hasn’t.

I really don’t know what to make of that. I mean I am super happy it didn’t cause a flare up but it leaves with me more questions.

Would it return if he ate gluten regularly? Why did it return after that one infraction but not this one? What else could have triggered it that time he ate the fries that is also in gluten foods? I can’t find a common ingredient that is in all the gluten foods we removed that would also be in fries. It’s not adding up.

I am reluctant to take him off the diet because he’s eating so much better on it. I fear that if he were to eat gluten daily, then it might bring back the sensory, but then again I’m just not sure yet.

I hope in the next few months I will have more answers but for now we are just glad to be sensory free and have survived a major gluten challenge!