In my previous post I talked about EMF’s disrupting sleep in my kid and since them I’ve been asked how I actually made our grounding sheets.

I made a primitive grounding mat first to test this theory before investing in expensive fabric and materials. I used this tutorial:  Make- shift grounding tutorial.

Skeptic that I am, after trying this I was sold! My kid fell asleep and stayed asleep!

I decided to build a real one. You can buy them if your budget allows.

These are the options for grounding depending on your home or apartment.

  • Grounding to an electric outlet using a ground prong plug. (Only if your home’s wiring is grounded).  Use an outlet tester. It will not work if your outlets aren’t.
  • Use a grounding rod that goes outside into the Earth (I’ve done this and…)
  • Ground it to copper water pipes (this too and I prefer this method)

We used the copper water pipe method after finding the outside grounding rod would sometimes be removed for lawn care and not replaced. Plus the wires coming out of the bedroom window going into the earth get weird looks from visitors!

Materials I used:

  • Ripstop Silver Fabric
  • 14 AWG green copper wire from the home center.
  • sew on snap fastener
  • a round terminal connector
  • in-line 5 amp fuse connector
  • wire butt end connectors
  • wire strippers
  • silver thread from the sewing center
  • scrap sheet to cut up to make the side flaps for tucking the sheet under the mattress
  • Duct tape


  • Measure the amount of fabric you need to cover the upper half the mattress. (where your torso would lay). Measure some scrap fabric to make two side flaps to attach the sides of the rip stop so you can tuck your sheet under the mattress.  Sew these together with silver thread.  Then sew a small hem all the way around to prevent unraveling. This goes quick if you have a sewing machine.
  • Measure the lenght of your wire to reach from the bed to the location you will ground it. It will attach the corner of the silver fabric nearest to the grounding location.
  • Attached the snap connector through a tiny hole you make in the corner of the fabric with a seam ripper. The hole should only allow the nub of the bottom of the snap to poke through.
  • Attach the ring connector to one end of your wire. This end will attach to the fabric. This connection should be placed near the corner of the fabric so the wiring will actually hang down at the top or bottom of your mattress nearest to the grounding location. This prevents any wiring from being underneath you when you lay on it. You want the wire off the bed.
  • Partway down this wire you will need to cut into it and splice in the in-line fuse. Use wire connectors (tube style) to connect it.
  • Hand stitch the bottom of the snap to the fabric so it does not come off.
  • Take the top of the snap and partially stitch that to the fabric so it is loose and can’t be lost.
  • Attach the ring connector to the snap by pressing it between the bottom and top parts of the snap. It should hold the wire ring connector in place.
  • Tape over this with electrical tape or duct tape to keep it from coming disconnected if anyone pulls the sheet or wire. I also loop it around once and tape that to the sheet. .

Put your normal sheet over top and then connect the bare end of the wire to your copper pipe. Make sure to use your wire strippers to remove some of the plastic insulation so you have bare wire that you can wrap around the water pipe and tape over it to hold it in place.

We have been using these for several years now with great results. I also made a wire with ring connector on one end and a grounding plug on the other to use while away from home. I bring the outlet tester though to make sure where we are staying has grounded outlets.

Check out our results:

My kid is grounded…literally!