Sensory and gluten update

Here we are at the end of March already and so far we have had four gluten mishaps without incidence. There has been no reappearance of tactile defensiveness to paper.

I am unsure if that one incidence after eating fries was caused by something else in the fries.

My son plans to discontinue his gluten-free diet at the end of the month and resume eating gluten for several weeks to see what happens.  This is likely the only way we can prove if gluten is or is not the cause of the symptoms. If it comes back on a regular diet, I will know it’s gluten and it takes a cumulative effect or regular consumption to cause the problem. If it doesn’t come back I am left with chelation and flower essences as our cure. Whatever the cure…I will take it!

We are extremely happy to be able to go about our day and not have to worry about paper getting in the way.  You’d be surprised how bothersome this problem is once you realize that paper is literally everywhere in our everyday lives. For now we are enjoying normalcy for the first time in many years!


4 thoughts on “Sensory and gluten update

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