Last year we did our ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) to see where we are with our recovery. Many parents use the ATEC to evaluate symptoms and improvements from interventions. I’ve monitored our ATEC scores since we began chelation.

While my son has been doing very well for the past few months, today I remembered that we haven’t done one this year. So I did one today to see where he is now.  Our score today was...ZERO!  Zip, zilch, Nada….no signs of autism.

When I got the results I was dancing around the house yelling “Woo Hoo we got a Zero!

Last year we were down to a 5 and based on his progress I knew we were nearly there. At that time my son still had a serious tactile sensory problem which was one of his remaining symptoms that distinguished him from neurotypical peers. He was sensitive to paper, wood and napkins and could not use them.That sticks out in public when your child recoils at the site of napkins or can’t use paper to do projects in class.

Thankfully that has finally resolved this year. It’s so nice to not have to worry about paper stuff anywhere near him anymore.

These are some of our past ATEC scores:

  • Before Chelation/biomed in 2006: 118
  • January 2011: 109
  • June 2011: 49
  •  2014: (after 160 rounds of chelation)
  •  2015:   (After 173 rounds)

And our PDD Assessment Scores:

  • Original PDD Assessment Scale in 2006: Definitely PDD
  • 2012: 19 No PDD
  • 2015: 11 No ASD

All those sleepless nights have paid off for us. The road is long, it isn’t easy but perseverance pays off. It can be so easy to get discouraged or simply tired of doing rounds. It’s easy to think “well maybe this other treatment would be faster” but we’ve always ended up going back to chelation because it is what worked for him. We still have more rounds to go and need to test hair this year to be sure he isn’t still meeting rules for mercury. He still needs one capsule of adrenal cortext glandular a day so I’m sure there is still a bit of mercury left to go.

Yesterday I heard from another biomed mom who has been in the trenches with me for years. She reports that her children are recovered and done with chelation now! Child 1 had ASDADHD/Tourettes and completed 191 rounds. Child 2 had mercury toxicity and health problems and complete 198 rounds. Neither child has these issues anymore!!

I am absolutely thrilled for her and her family. And our experiences are a reminder that this protocol takes stick-to-it-ness! Somewhere between 100-300 rounds in most cases.

You can use these assessments along with school evaluations/testing and your own observations to gauge what is helping your child. It helps to keep a written journal of interventions, reactions, improvements, doses etc., so you can refer to them when things are off track.