Chelation update, round 174

I started round 174 for my son on Monday and this time we increased his dose. Part of the Fireworks July 2012process when you get this far along and you have no symptoms is reaching the upper doses for chelation. You want to be sure there aren’t symptoms even at those doses, because if there are, you still have mercury.

My son’s top dose would be 55mg until he grows more anyway.  He had been on 30mg for a while now and I decided it was time to increase to 40mg.

We have always been very conservative about dose raises over the years. I’ve only raised if I didn’t see any improvements or side effects for several rounds.  You don’t need to reach the high end of the range to complete chelation and certainly pushing too fast to get to those doses creates side effects that could be avoided. You can even cause an adrenal crash so why be over zealous when you don’t even have too? So we took a slow and low approach and stuck with doses that were comfortable for him.

When my son is on rounds we don’t even notice, because he functions that well every day. The only reminder is the alarm going off every 3 hours! And my lack of sleep….Yawn!

I’m glad to report that he is did fine on 40mg of ALA with no symptoms to report. He did not have any post round symptoms either.

So I think that’s worthy of fireworks!


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