I’ve beaten ALA-update

MP900433086I started round 114 at 150 mg of alpha lipoic acid.

I expected to have symptoms, headaches or something because my past history with chelation has been rough, but this past year or so, it has suddenly become a lot easier.

The only part I struggle with is not getting enough sleep. If only I could just roll over and swallow a pill I might be back to sleep faster but I’m also chelating a child at the same time. That means I have to go to the kitchen, get things mixed up and take them to the sleeping child, along with water to drink. It only takes a few minutes but for some reason, walking around the house gets the body moving and it’s hard to get back to sleep sometimes. It is a lot better than it was in the early years of chelation when I simply couldn’t get back to sleep for hours. It takes me 10 minutes or so, sometimes a bit longer and you never really feel like you’re getting deep sleep anyway.

This round I did alright with the night wakings the first night but it was the final night at 3 hour dosing that is hardest. In any case it’s just something I’ve had to accept about doing rounds. If you want the mercury out….you’re going to lose some sleep!

I’m tolerating a lot of ALA without ill effect and I honestly never thought I’d see that day.I remember when 5mg gave me terrible headaches.

The only thing I noticed on this particular round was that it felt like my thyroid meds were wearing off earlier than usual the first day of the round. I take NatureThroid 3 times a day because it works better for me at keeping hypothyroid symptoms away later in the day. Normally my dose is fine so I can’t quite explain why or how chelation seems to interfere with this, but it just does. I’ve talked with other adults who felt “more hypo” on rounds too.

Thankfully it went away and I did not have it the entire round or post round.

Aside from the sleep disturbances, I can’t complain.

I expected to be wiped out post round, but I wasn’t. So there is hope for all those just starting out that are finding chelation hard and not tolerating very low doses. You will, it’s just going to be one step or round at a time!

Chelating Adults-I’ve beaten ALA


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