I’ve struggled for years with leaky gut and I can say that many ASD children also have this DSCN5670problem. The mantra over the years was always to replenish the gut with expensive high dose probiotics while also treating yeast and bacteria. For us we used natural antifungals and antibacterials like grapefruit seed extract and goldenseal.

Not at the same time of course! There are suggested treatment protocols in my book to treat fungal overgrowth and subsequently bacterial overgrowth in the gut for those interested.

Something I’ve begun to focus more on is fermented foods. They contain far more probiotics than anything you can buy in a bottle and they are super cheap and easy to make. Some say as much as ten trillion!

Last year I made my first fermented sauerkraut and I used that as my probiotic during the winter months. However, getting my family to eat that was not going to happen. I later made fermented purple onions which made a nice condiment on hamburgers. Although you seriously have to love onions to get that one down.  (I did but not going to work for the kiddos)

I wanted to find something that would be more palatable to the family so I have continued my education on ferments looking for something they might eat. I decided to try fermented ginger carrot slices. It’s been called the “gateway ferment” for skeptics. While it is not sweet tasting as the recipes implies they are crispy, tart and would appeal to children who like raw carrots.

I used ginger, cinnamon, maple syrup and salt brine to make mine. Recipes on the web vary but there are tons of recipes out there for fermented veggies.

I have been eating them, along with the fermented pickles I made in the photo above. Just having a few carrot slices a day provides tons of good gut stuff so they don’t have to eat a lot of this.

Now to get my kid to try the carrots…..hmmm…..wish me luck~