What…he’s wearing Jeans?


It has been literally years since my child could wear anything but track pants or sweats. The last time he wore jeans he was less than 2 years old. And even then, wearing clothing was limited and eventually, he just didn’t wear much but a t-shirt and diaper.

His sensory became so bad that he did not wear underwear, socks, jeans, cargo pants, dress pants…well anything really unless it cotton knit and tag free.

This week we took him shopping  because he asked about getting regular pants.  He wanted to try jeans and cargo pants again. Past attempts were unsuccessful and just too “scratchy and rough” feeling for him. So..he’s lived in track pants since he was 2.

He picked out several pairs of jeans and cargos and tried them on yesterday. He said they felt find and comfortable and he wanted them.

He has been wearing his new jeans all day today as if he’s always worn them.

As I watch him running through the house in his jeans, sneakers and sweatshirt…..I have to look twice. I am not used to seeing him in jeans.

But for us it’s an amazing milestone moment in our biomed journey. We have finally over come severe sensory dysfunction enough to wear normal clothing!

Sensory Triggers and Diet


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