Fryer oil and sensory observation

Since my last post we have busy living life and enjoying our new freedom from the constraints of a tactile sensory condition. We are still gluten-free and probably will be for a while but since we have stuck with the diet, I was able to gather more insight on triggers for his tactile defensiveness.

We went to Red Robins and he had a gluten-free cheeseburger and gluten-free fries.

He reported some sensory symptoms for several days after.

We ate a gluten-free cheeseburger at another place with rice. No sensory flare up.

A second test several weeks later at Red Robin having the fries results in a flare up.

This also happened when having commercially made fries over the summer at another restaurant with a “dedicated fryer”.

I can only chalk that up to some ingredient in the fryer oil since the fries were prepared in a dedicated gluten-free fryer. Plus he’s had a few gluten infractions and those didn’t cause an issue. So we avoid anything cooked in commercial fryer oil. This stuff isn’t really good for you anyway.

I make fries at home so he doesn’t feel deprived. We use lard to fry them in because at friesleast I know what’s in that and where it comes from. It isn’t GMO vegetable oil with anti-foaming agents.

Meanwhile though he’s still wearing jeans and happily able to use books and other materials because paper no longer bothers him. He comments regularly about how nice this is! I have to agree.

I hope that at some point he will be less sensitive about water in his ears or face when washing but the fact that he is washing his own hair now…l can’t really complain. We are over the primary sensory hurdles.

We are still squeezing in rounds when we can. It’s not as easy this time of year when they catch colds but you do the best you can.



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