As you progress, supplements decrease

Packing Supplements

Back in the early days Copyright The Edge of Autism 2010

I was looking back in our recovery journal and I had kept yearly lists of the supplements my children were taking at each year during our chelation journey.  I think it demonstrates progress in regaining health when you look at the list of supplements we need today.

The point being that as you get the toxic metals out, the body heals and works better. So you don’ t need so many supplements anymore.

This post is in no way indicative that anyone needs to take all of these or should take them all. This was the protocol as it was in 2006. Supplements were given differently than they are today, although all of them has a use in dealing with mercury poisoning.  Today the recommendation for children is far less than this but some of these have utility in treating the gut, adrenals, etc.

This was his supplement regimen at age 3 1/2 years.

  • Multivitamin/Mineral for ASD- 1 tsp per day
  • Probiotic-1-2 capsules at bedtime
  • Vitamin A-8,000 IU 1x per day
  • Vitamin E-400 IU 1x per day
  • Vitamin C-1800mg per day divided into 4 doses
  • B Complex-15mg 3x a day
  • Calcium-680mg per day
  • Magnesium 400mg per day
  • Chromium-100mcg 2x a day
  • Molybdenum 125mcg 3x a day
  • Zinc-25mg twice a day
  • Selenium-25mcg 1x a day
  • EFAs-FortiFlax 1 tablespoon per day
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract- 1/2 tablet 2x a day
  • Milk Thistle- 1/4 capsule 4x a day
  • Adrenal Cortex-1/4 of 250mg cap with breakfast
  • Melatonin-500mcg 1 hour before bed

We were dosing supplements four times per day and hiding most of them in food or juice because he could not take any capsules and refused most chewables other than gummi’s. I did add echinacea gummi’s when we started chelation because my son got runny noses and low-grade fevers in the very early stages of chelation when his suppressed immune system began working. This resolved fairly early on. These were not the only supplements my son used during our journey, just what he was on in the beginning. There were other things that were added here or there where needs came up like taurine, Immuno Aid, CLO, calcium with D, vitamin D, vitamin K, theanine, inositol…etc. These were used only as long as they were beneficial.

So what supplements does he take today?

  • MB12-1,000mcg per day
  • calcium/magnesium-1000mg/500mg 1x per day
  • a probiotic given only when needed if presenting with gas or constipation
  • CLO with A, D, E. However he’s been off these for weeks now.

When he is on rounds he gets vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin E and a bit of zinc as per the recommendations but he has reached a point in chelation where he does not required these daily. I do supplement in times of illness or if there are symptoms of deficiency for any nutrient.  We do add vitamin D in the winter, since most everyone in our family is deficient in this year round and we have had labs in the past that justify this.

He had not has symptoms of PICA off zinc in several years so this is no longer given daily at this point in chelation. He has been off of adrenal cortex extract for nearly a year now without any occurrence of adrenal symptoms.

I know that most parents hope there will be a day when they don’t have to give any supplements at all but I think in today’s toxic world with the lower nutrient dense foods that a multivitamin/mineral product might be something we all have to continue as a proactive means of covering those gaps.

I hope that some will find this motivating to see that the supplements requirements do gradually decrease. It took several years but eventually he began to need less and less.  At times it seemed like the stuff he was refusing to take, were the things he did fine without. So we slowly scaled back as time went on and he was less toxic and functioning better. In those early years if we missed his supplements you’d see regression in behavior or mood which were confirmation that he needed them. It was when we didn’t see any regressive behavior off of something that we knew it wasn’t really needed anymore.

Looking back at our supplement lists for those early years I recall how much work it was but how helpful it was.

The most promising thing here is that nothing happens to my son if he doesn’t take any vitamins. There are no regression, no re-appearance of autism symptoms, no worsening of any kind.


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