After a long and arduous January we were finally able to do round 177 for my son, and 117 for myself. I had intended to do it in January but between a nasty cold he caught and then other things, it just didn’t happen. So this made a 6 week break for us since our last round.

We aim for 1 round per month but sometimes we do take longer breaks and then “test” the waters by doing a round to see if there is a response. I’ve also been doing antivirals on myself which has been a challenge. We did get a response this round.

What we saw this round was different from the past year of rounds in which we really had no side effects. This round we both felt a bit irritable on day one. I had adrenal stress for day one and two. My son also reported tactile defensiveness sensitivity which he hasn’t had in quite some time and certainly not aggravated by a round. We used to see this improve on rounds in the very early days but we reached a point where chelation didn’t seem to affect it either way. So I was very surprised to see it aggravated on this round.

We plan to do a follow-up hair test in the next few months even though they are not useful for diagnosis. At this point it’s for my curiosity to see when he stops meeting the counting rules. It might also give me a glimpse at his thyroid and adrenal status.

I was beginning to think that maybe the end of chelation was near because it did not cause any symptoms good or bad, it really hasn’t for over a year now. I knew we were not done but we have to be getting close considering he doesn’t have any ASD symptoms anymore.

Thankfully the sensory flare disappeared after the round ended. Overall once we were past the first day it was fairly easy. I’m glad the sensory flare was temporary, I was waiting on seats edge to see if it would resolve post round and it did.