The past two years of chelation have been rather uneventful for us until lately. Sometimes when you get this far into chelation, you don’t really see much at all and that’s pretty normal. Anything we do see is very small. We keep doing rounds because we know the hair test indicates a need. Sometimes I might notice something very subtle like “he’s in a better mood” on round which is an indicator it really is still doing something. We have also noted some backsliding in sensory of late but I’m sure what it causing it.

This round I was surprised there were some symptoms for the first time in a long time.  It was round 178 for my son at 50mg of ALA.  We did notice the first day on round my son really couldn’t focus on math. He became easily frustrated and made simple computation errors which is not like him.  On his second day he woke up at 8am in a great mood and ready to start his day. He decided he was going to go do his school work, unassisted and without anyone asking him too. He even decided to complete a journal entry.

I have started seeing this new initiative in taking responsibility for his work lately because he is getting older but this was really a surprise because he usually isn’t in any hurry to start his school work.

He also reported to me that he had several BM’s that day and asked me if this was going to happen the whole round?  I assured him it was unlikely and it didn’t continue to happen. However, if it did, it’s perfectly fine since elimination is how we do get metals out of our bodies. So I rarely worry about frequent urination or an increase in stools on rounds because that is normal. We have also been noticing some sensory flare ups on rounds the past few rounds. It goes away post round. Very puzzling.

I think the biggest surprise this round was that post round day 1, my son got yeast. Something we haven’t seen in a long time. I added some GSE and probiotics and this quickly went away.

It only took another day for me to figure out why the yeast came when he hasn’t had yeast from rounds in years. He came down with a cold. Generally yeast shows up when you have a viral infection which turned out to be the case here.

We started echinacea, elderberry and vitamin C and he was over his cold in a few days.

However, I caught it next! So…..we were not able to start a round on Monday. Here’s to next week!