Sensory Again

I think I might have figured out the backsliding with sensory.  I hadn’t realize it but we had let him have him a gluten infraction several times in the past few weeks. So what I’m doing now is “proving” my theory by adhering strictly to the diet, no exceptions. I’m going to see if we see the sensory settle back down. If so, that would confirm my suspicions.

This would also implicate a gut connection. Joy….I’m struggling at healing my own gut and while I’ve made some progress through lots of webinars and adding things in, I would have to revisit the dreaded digestive enzymes for him if that is also the case with the gluten.

Anyway, for those following our sensory journey I wanted to tell you what has transpired since my last post. I can’t really be sure about gluten’s role in his sensory. He insists he doesn’t notice a difference.


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