Hair Test at 178 rounds

My son’s last hair test was in 2014 so I felt it was time to repeat it and see if he still meets counting rules for mercury.  He’s done 178 rounds and unfortunately we have not been as quick in getting them done as I’d like. We had colds in the winter and then I struggling with my own adrenal issues left us way behind on getting in more rounds. However, we are back on track.

Follow up hair tests are not something you have to do but I do them for my own personal sanity. I know they are not diagnostically significant for current metal exposure if you are chelating, but I want to see how long it will take for him to stop meeting the counting rules. I also utilize the test as a guide for adrenal and thyroid function. It gives me a peak at them so I can see, if with symptoms we need to look at it more.

I’m also suspecting some adrenal and thyroid issues this time which was backed up by the hair test. He had been doing well off adrenal support for a while now but the past few weeks I’m noticing he’s refusing breakfast. He says he isn’t hungry but on further questioning he’s actually nauseous which is why he doesn’t want to eat. That is often a sign of too much adrenaline in the morning and not enough cortisol. So we have restarted adrenal support.

I’ll need to see the doctor for some thyroid tests to verify or refute those findings.

But as I suspected the test still meets counting rules. I kind of suspected that but didn’t really want to see it.  We still have lead, silver and arsenic coming out but at least the toxic metals that were high in the past are much lower. It’s also very plausible that the toxic levels of silver and arsenic are not accurate because the test meets rules. The lead would be but this is markedly improved from the past. We may at some point think about a bit of DMSA again. Well see.

While we all wasn’t to see a normal hair test, I can say that the results doesn’t really surprise me. It does give me the validation I need to continue knowing it’s still warranted. I have uploaded the test to add to our collection for those that also find interest in tracking his progress.

Hair Test


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