The results of  our gluten-free experiment were less than promising (you’ll see why, keep reading):

What happened:

  • All in all it was expensive.
  • We saw no gains.
  • We saw no symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Nothing changed but the cost of groceries.
  • My son was simply not eating because there were less foods that fit his his oral sensory needs.
  • He ate the same kind of food just gluten-free: ie: gf cupcakes, gf donuts, gf fries, gf pizza
  • I later found that dad was letting him cheat on this diet so that was a waste.

What else we did:

  • We also began AFP Peptizyde enzymes shortly before going gluten-free. That would have helped with infractions. I saw nothing from those either but we used up the bottle anyway.
  • We did a large gluten challenge after being GF for 2 weeks  and still nothing.


  • I had noticed what I thought was a reduction in his appetite but upon further questioning he was simply just not eating because he did not like the choices. I was not comfortable with this and in light of the diet not leading to any changes we took him off the diet.

After putting him back on his regular diet (organic) he ate more and commented that he was actually full for once.  I’m going to chalk this experiment up to an epic fail because I was being sabotaged by the other parent with some traces of gluten when I wasn’t looking so I can’t be sure he was truly gluten-free during this period of time. (*note to self watch dad like a hawk)